About me

Hi, I’m Philippa.

I specialise in working with startups and tech companies. I’m here to help businesses to put scalable people foundations in place and coach your people teams to succeed. None of this is easy, but I’m here to make it a lot easier.

Starting my HR career in the Civil Service, I worked in a number of different HR roles across several government departments, including the Cabinet Office and 10 Downing Street. Having worked at the center of Government, I wanted to broaden my experience and joined gaming tech unicorn, Improbable.

I quickly realised I wanted to continue working in start ups and moved to Capital on Tap, a FinTech start up. I joined in a standalone role when there were 60 people. Over 4.5 years, I supported the company to grow to over 500 employees, expanding into new markets while spearheading and nurturing a global People Team.

I've experienced a lot of the growing pains that come when scaling a business, both as a Senior Leader in the business and also as part of a growing People Team. I'm now on a mission to support other companies on their growth journey!

Email me at philippa@pbm-people.com to set up an intro call.