Who I've worked with

GUIDE, Weekly HR Coaching

"Having come from a non-traditional HR background and wanting some steering in the right direction, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Philippa earlier this year.  In the time I have spent with Philippa, I now approach my daily tasks with increased confidence and a strategic mindset about the future. Not only is Philippa a fountain of knowledge from her years of experience, she is also a joy to spend time with.  Our weekly sessions have become a highlight for me, offering a judgement-free space filled with laughter and practical solutions to relatable challenges. If anyone is looking for a coach/mentor, I would recommend Philippa every time." Katie Howarth, Head of People

ADVISE, Org Design

"Philippa advised our People team on some very big and exciting changes at Grind. She is a talented HR advisor with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. Philippa is the perfect thought partner - knowledgeable, collaborative, and passionate about all things people. Any business would be lucky to have her support!” Kira Blumer, Head of People and Culture


Philippa is awesome. Sometimes with consultants it feels like the time has been padded out and parts weren’t necessary. That’s not the case with Philippa. It’s pure value add, no waffle or wasted time. She gets straight to the point. She’s been super pragmatic at being flexible to work around us and it’s just been so easy to make progress and get lots done. It’s been like having a people and culture super power.” Luke Shipley, CEO

BUILD, HR foundation audit and hiring

"Philippa was the first consultant we'd had in a long time so I wasn't sure what to expect. I also didn't know anything about what a People Department looks like in other places. She came in and very quickly established what we needed and why, speaking to people across the business to understand what we were doing well, and areas we should be focusing on moving forward. She was able to support me to clarify our people priorities, help me understand the type of profile we should be hiring for and took the lead on the hiring process. I now have a very good understanding of how our new hire will help to drive forward the people function and overall people agenda at Mustard. She was very useful, efficient and is the example of what good looks for a people hire at this level.” Tom Richards, CEO

GUIDE, In House HR Coaching

"We were looking for mentoring and support for our People and Talent Lead to get our foundations in place, roadmap built, and reporting structure strong.  We also wanted to supercharge the development of our P&T lead.  Philippa spent the first session understanding where we were at, built a mini roadmap of growth opportunities, and then spent three months getting everything nailed. My P&T Lead has been truly set up for success, so much so that we don't need Philippa anymore(!)

Philippa is smart, experienced, empathetic and commercial. It has truly been easy and highly impactful to work with her" Steve Coulson, CEO

"Philippa’s coaching was a massive game-changer for me, taking me from management to leadership. She took the time to understand me and how I work, bringing a tailored, practical and logical approach to our sessions. Aside from being a total expert in field and an awesome coach, Philippa is kind, collaborative and so easy to work with. If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with her - grab it with both hands!" Lizzie McFaull, People and Talent Lead

GUIDE, Bi-Weekly HR Coaching

“Philippa has been an incredible coach and mentor for me in my role. As the Head of a people function in a rapidly scaling start-up with no access to domain expertise beyond my own I knew that I needed to seek external guidance - a sounding board fortified by years of experience, knowledge, and context that I can access to improve my performance in my role, as well as greater confidence in my decisions. I feel incredibly empowered after my sessions with Philippa - sometimes I need to talk through complex pieces of work and projects, other times I need to talk through situations that I need guidance on how to handle and it's been a total game changer for me. Philippa appropriately challenges me and my position on certain topics in a productive way. I'm challenged to look at things from an alternate perspective which is exactly what I need. This challenge in a safe environment better prepares me for complex scenarios that play out in my role. I couldn't recommend Philippa highly enough to anyone seeking a coach or a mentor when it comes to being a better People Leader.” Shane Mayes, Head of People

GUIDE, Bi-Weekly HR Coaching

"I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Philippa as my HR coach. Her expertise in the HR domain coupled with her helpfulness has provided me with invaluable guidance. Each session with Philippa has been a bit different than the other, addressing diverse aspects of my professional growth. Whether delving into strategic HR topics, refining my leadership capabilities, or building confidence in my role as Head of People.” Liis Normak, Head of People